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0.3 /10 Overall Rating 0.3/10
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" I have documents all of the calls and emails. (approx 45 so far). I have taken photos and videos all the work as I feel that it has been less than acceptable and will have to be reinstalled. As ...."   more
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Review 2 Oct 2018
Not Recommended by customer in SS8
 My Age: 40 - 49 
 I'm: Female 
 My level of experience of similar services: Beginner 
 I haven't used this business before 
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Satisfaction Ratings
Quality 0/10
The quality of the work was as expected and agreed
Tidy 1/10
There was little disruption and the site was left clear and tidy
Service 0/10
The team was friendly, helpful, considerate and professional
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Customer Review
New Conservatory I signed a contract on the 22/11/2017 for a new conservatory. I chose this company as they were a local company with a long trading history. I was made several promises by their enthusiastic sales rep which later have failed to deliver. Firstly being that the existing foundations would be covered subject to surveyors report. Secondly that the work would be completed by April 2018. lastly that the glass roof would have a self clean function. After the Surveyors drawing were submitted to me I noticed that it stated the foundations of my existing conservatory would not be covered. I immediately queried this with the company and was rudely advised I must be mistaken as their sales rep would not have promised this. I was advised I could not cancel contract due to it being outside of the 14 day cancellation period. I made several calls and emails to the company prior to May as I had no communication from them as to when they would start work. This was extremely disappointing as I was promised this would be completed by April. Finally at the end of May they started the ground work, 6 months after I signed contract. Once the brick work was completed I immediately contacted them again for a date for the rest of the completion. After several calls and emails i''m told that the doors I had been sold were not available and that a 6 door set up would need to be agreed. More drawings were sent to me. Then after I approved , still I waited for the completion date. After many emails and calls I get told they need to do more measurements. Eventually on the 29/08/18 they start work but only after a stream of emails and telephone calls. Day 1 they remove old structure and install frame work Day 2 Install roof and doors Day 3 they have to reinstall roof as the pitch was flat and should have been pitched. Day 4 noticed one roof panel upside down and advised Smiths that the pitch on roof was not suitable, as water not running off. Only 5 degrees and needs to be minimum of 10 for self clean feature to work as per Pilkinton Glass website. They advised that pitch could not go higher due to flat roof. I said that should have been picked up at point of survey and I should have been given other options of style roof as this was not going to function correctly. I feel this has been miss sold to me. In addition to this Bi folds to operating smoothly and I was concerned that the Goal post support was not resting on its vertical beam therefore weight transferred to the frame of doors. Still missing Gable windows so building not left secure. Again many calls and emails all of which are ignored I am still without a completion date. I have 4 leaks which I am now questioning if the roof is long enough as it doesn''t reach over gutter by half way and this seams to be where the water is running back on its self, again probably from due to pitch of roof not helping. Also the wooden beam that they have supported roof too as it was too short to be attached to wall is now compromised due to water damage. The total lack of communication, quality of installation, false promises on sales team and operation staff is shocking. Its nearly a year and I still do not have a water tight or finished conservatory.
Cost: £26000

"I have documents all of the calls and emails. (approx 45 so far).

I have taken photos and videos all the work as I feel that it has been less than acceptable and will have to be reinstalled.

As I have lost faith in their ability to provide what what was sold I have spoken to them and said that once eventually finished I will need to have an independent survey carried out to confirm that the structure is fit for purpose as i feel that they have not been honest with me.

I am leaving this review as I have had many sleepless nights and stress as a result of the appalling treatment I have received. Hopefully the company will complete the conservatory to the standard promised and advertised on their website."
Mark And Paul Daly

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