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" Ripton's quotations contain the following wording: ‘ May I take this opportunity to remind you that all our products carry a 10 YEAR COMPANY GUARANTEE as well as the GGF indemnity guarantee and o...."   more
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Review 6 Oct 2016
Not Recommended by customer in RG20
 My Age: 60 - 69 
 I'm: Male 
 My level of experience of similar services: Above Average 
 I have known this business: 1 - 5 years 
Satisfaction Ratings
Service 1/10
The team was friendly, helpful, considerate and professional
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Customer Review
Replacement of 13 windows and 2 front doors in 2014. Quotation for replacement of an old conservatory and glazing with a solid roof and new windows/doors + 10 windows and 2 doors. Very close to signing the order but felt the need to query the 10 year guarantee.
Cost: £46000

"Ripton's quotations contain the following wording:

‘ May I take this opportunity to remind you that all our products carry a 10 YEAR COMPANY GUARANTEE as well as the GGF indemnity guarantee and our manufacturers guarantee all for your peace of mind’.

In answer to my request for confirmation that the guarantee included all items i.e roof, locks, handles, hinges, fit etc i.e no wear and tear exclusions, Ripton Windows replied as follows:
‘What we offer the customer is exactly the same as we have from our suppliers. So, I’m afraid the guarantee terms cannot be changed’.

At no stage during the sales process will you hear about the exclusions and the hefty charges/conditions to transfer the guarantee to a new owner. The only time you will see this is on the back of the pink order form in very small print if you care to read it.

The website outlines the company's mission statement 'Nobody Does It Better'

The good news is that many do and you would be well advised to ask for written confirmation of your guarantee before seriously considering this company. If you are after a 'solid roof' conversion on your conservatory, find a company with more experience than Ripton.

My first order with this company was in 2014 (£11000) and I was close to placing a second worth £35000 to replace my ageing conservatory and 10 other windows. As soon as I queried the guarantee, Ripton Windows declined the job. I'm stuck with the problem on the first order but mighty relieved that I didn't make the same mistake again.
Matthew Ripton
   Business Reply:

I decided on advice from my company surveyers not to put our product onto his existing base as it's quality was somewhat dubious. I therefore emailed the customer to let him know we withdrew and wished him the best. At this point he was asking questions about our company guarantee outside office hours. I merely told him to read his previous order forms.

We have been in business since 1996 with over 25,000 happy customers so on that basis I think we must be doing something right. To be a GGF member your contracts have to be checked and agreed by the GGF, this includes all guarantees and working practices. We as a company have successfully passed every check and audit the GGF have carried out on us.

It is disappointing to see an incorrect review. I am all in favour of review sites if the review is truthful and accurate. This one is neither.

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