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Deka claims to be the world’s first customizable Bluetooth. Deka uses a patent pending design where you can use Bluetooth technology and interchange slides that allow you to communicate in-style according to your own fashion sense. Featured at this year’s International CES the device is a combination of fashion statement and technology. The headset can be customized like a smartphone.

The Deka is worn in the ear like an ear bud, the standard base is connected to the ear bud and comes in several colors. This base has the ability to connect with various interchangeable slides or be used alone. The slides come in hundreds of styles from a skull to a flower in either graphic or 3-D styles. With the new technology of the 3-D printer, which was a prominent part of CES you can customize your own slide. The new technology makes it simple for anyone to design and print their unique stylish design, by simply installing or removing one of the compatible slides. As your style changes from work to play or day to evening your Deka can change to a new look too. Deka can personalize 3-D designs from 2-D photos. It is also waterproof, so you can keep your phone out of the rain.

Deka uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology, HD speaker, microphone, multicolor light visualizer and sound sensor. Getting started is simple: Launch the Deka app, connect it to your current cellphone (by voice activation), wear Deka Bluetooth, and answer calls with Deka hands free. Driving becomes safer when using a cellphone with hands free technologies.

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