Northwood (Glasgow) Ltd - Lettings

745 Pollokshaws Road
G41 2AA

55.8359, -4.2708

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100% recommended   Rating 7/10
1 reviews since 2014
Satisfaction Ratings
Overall Rating
7 /10 Overall Rating 7.0/10
Based on 1 reviews since 2014
Professional 7/10 Professional Rating 7.0
The firm acted professionally at all times

Knowledgeable 7/10 Knowledgeable Rating 7.0
The firm showed a good knowledge of local market conditions

Friendly 7/10 Friendly Rating 7.0
The staff are friendly and give clear and helpful information

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Reputations are not built overnight
In Referenceline's view, this track record is more important than the ratings. Don't be impressed by a few old reviews which may not be representative.  Look for firms with a commitment to asking for feedback - good or bad - from their customers.  We recommend that you look for a track record of ratings and reviews in at least 9 of the last 12 months and that you should not be too concerned about an isolated negative review.  Ask the firm for their side of the story.

Code of Practice
Businesses have a legal responsibility to treat you fairly, but it's often hard to know what questions to ask or what standards to expect.  They are the experts and you should be able to rely on them to help you make decisions.  These questions explain the commitments that this business has made to follow a code of practice and they will help you understand what you have a right to expect.

Landlords: Ombudsman: 100%
LANDLORDS. Did the agent tell you about their membership of the Ombudsman scheme?
Landlords: Advice: 100%
LANDLORDS. Did the agent advise you on a rental figure reflecting the current market for similar properties?
Landlords: Terms: 100%
LANDLORDS. Did the agent confirm your requirements, all fees and charges and their Terms of Business?
Landlords: Viewing: 100%
LANDLORDS. Did the agent agree the viewing arrangements with you and comply with these arrangements?
Landlords: References: 100%
LANDLORDS. Did the agent take due care in obtaining references of potential tenants?
Tenants: Deposit Scheme: 0%
TENANTS. Did the agent tell you which government-backed protection scheme they use to protect your deposit?
You can see how many customers have said "Yes" in answer to each question, but please don't expect 100% in every case.  Nobody's perfect and some customers may not be completely sure about the answer.  It's more important that you understand these questions and discuss them with the business so that you both agree what good service means for you.  A responsible business will be happy to explain the details to you and it's always better to clarify these points upfront to avoid misunderstandings later on.

Reviews that match your Budget
There are many good businesses listed on this site. Some may specialise in either larger or smaller budgets, while other may cater for the full range. See if this business has demonstrated a track record of experience that matches your needs.
This chart shows the value of the reviews received by Referenceline, so you can see if they generally handle the size of budget you have in mind. You can use the filter below to select the reviews that match your need.

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Review 9 Jul 2014
Recommended by customer in G427
 My Age: 30 - 39 
 I'm: Female 
 My level of experience of similar services: Average 
 I have known this business: 1 - 5 years 
55.8383, -4.2604
Satisfaction Ratings
Professional 7/10
The firm acted professionally at all times
Knowledgeable 7/10
The firm showed a good knowledge of local market conditions
Friendly 7/10
The staff are friendly and give clear and helpful information
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Customer Review
One bedroom tenement flat Glasgow G42 7JT.
Cost: £425

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