Our Rules

We don't believe in 'small print' and we hope you will agree that our rules are mostly common sense but we welcome any suggestions on how to simplify them.  The main points are:

We hope that our site will help you to make a more informed choice, but we're not responsible for the work of the listed firms and we don't give guarantees for the firms or for their goods or services.

We can't guarantee the accuracy of the information shown or of the opinions expressed, so please ask the firms to give you more information about any references which may be important to you and tell us about any misleading information.

The Site includes a Compare function and suggestions to help you make a more informed choice but these are for your general guidance only and do not amount to professional or legal advice. We recommend that you should make your own enquiries to satisfy yourself about anything that may be important to you, such as the firms' membership of schemes and associations, their financial status, the qualifications and experience of the firms and their people, and any guarantees.

We can't guarantee that we hear about every complaint, but fewer than 1% of responses sent to Referenceline are not recommended. We aim to work with customers and firms to help reduce the number of problems, but some level of misunderstandings and disagreements is inevitable. We do want to hear about any problems that you may have, but please contact the firm first.  Firms are responsible for settling disagreements with their customers and we are not liable for this.  See our complaints procedure.

You agree that any customer may submit a review; you will not influence their response in any way; we may publish every response; you can't pick and choose the responses you like

We hope you like our website and services, but they are provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" and you use them at your own risk.  As far as the laws allow, Referenceline excludes all guarantees and representations. In particular:

The views expressed by firms and customers are theirs, not ours, and we don't accept any responsibility for any mistakes, omissions or inaccuracies in the content provided by them. 

We don't guarantee the performance, completeness, security or availability of our websites or services, whether for reasons within our control (for example to carry out maintenance, service or development work) or for reasons outside our control (such as changes affecting the internet or postal services and practices).

You agree to all of our rules and that these rules replace any other agreement, including any written agreement between us. You agree that no other rules apply, including any terms and conditions which you might otherwise use in purchasing services or entering into agreements with others.

You agree that we may change these rules at any time without notice, so please check our rules regularly.  If you don't agree to be bound by all of our rules, then please don't use our website or services. By continuing to use our website, you agree that you accept all of our rules, including any revisions.