Rules for Firms

Your work

You are responsible for settling disagreements with your customers and we are not liable for this.  Your scheme or association may offer a dispute resolution procedure to help with this.

Your customers' reviews

We will publish your customers' reviews on our website and in other reports and you must not do anything to influence how your customers report their views to us.

You must offer one of our forms, or an email link, to every customer and you must provide a form or email link to any customer that asks for one. If a customer tells us that you have refused to give them a form then we will send them a form or an email link. If 2 customers within 12 months tell us that you have refused to give them a form, then we may publish this information on our website. If 2 or more reviews with low ratings are withheld from publication while they are being considered under the complaints procedure, then we may mention this on the website. You may order more forms from us at any time.

We will show you the full review of each customer. Customers' identities are for your internal use only and must not be shown to third parties, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We may contact your customers to discuss the work you have done for them and we may contact your professional body, scheme or association to share information with them.

Using our logo

You agree that we are the only owners of our marks and that your registration does not give you any legal rights over them. You may link your website to ours, using our logo and you may use our marks on your headed paper, vehicles, premises and so on, but you must remove our marks from anything you no longer use and from any vehicle before you sell it. You must not claim or imply that your firm's registration with Referenceline represents any sort of vetting, approval, guarantee etc. You must not misuse our marks, use any mark that copies, or is similar to, our marks, or do anything that we feel may damage them or our reputation. We may ask you to give us examples of how you are using them, or planning to use them and you must follow any instructions we give you and we will not agree to any use that we feel is unsuitable.

If you break these rules

We will tell you and our partners, where applicable, if we believe that you have broken these rules. You must satisfy us within 5 working days either that you have not broken these rules, or that you have only broken the rules in a minor way and you will not break them again. If you don't do this then we may suspend or end your registration immediately, without refunding any money you have paid to us.

Ending your registration

If you have registered directly with Referenceline, you may end your registration at any time, giving us notice by letter or by email. No refund of fees will apply.

If you have registered via a partner such as Trading Standards, TrustMark etc. then their rules and notice periods will apply. If we are advised by them that you are no longer a member of their scheme, then we will no longer display you within their section of our site.

In either case, you must return any unused freepost forms to us. We will continue to publish the reviews we have received to date at no further charge to you elsewhere within our site including within the sections for any other scheme of which you are a member. We will continue to forward to you any requests that we receive from customers to leave feedback online.