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49 Sunningdale Road, Bottesford
South Humberside
DN17 2TA

53.5581, -0.6724

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100% recommended: 10/10
1 reviews since 2012
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10/10 Overall Rating 10.0/10
10/10 Professional Rating 10.0
10/10 Knowledgeable Rating 10.0
10/10 Friendly Rating 10.0
10/10 Helpful Rating 10.0
Code of Practice
Sellers: Ombudsman  0%
Sellers: Fees  100%
Sellers: Buyer services  0%
Sellers: Particulars  100%
Sellers: Viewing  100%
Sellers: Offers  100%
Sellers: Marketing  0%
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" Excellent, very communicative, worked hard to sell and always gave feedback."   more
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Review 17 Sep 2012
Recommended by customer in DN16
53.5529, -0.6530
Cost: £121000
Satisfaction Ratings
Professional 10/10
The firm acted professionally at all times
Knowledgeable 10/10
The firm showed a good knowledge of local market conditions
Friendly 10/10
The staff are friendly and give clear and helpful information
Helpful 10/10
The firm helped in the negotiations between buyer and seller
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   Customer Review
3 bed semi. Very large garden, two bathrooms.

"Excellent, very communicative, worked hard to sell and always gave feedback."

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