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Care and Repair Edinburgh

Care and Repair Edinburgh

Care and Repair provide a wide range of practical services and advice to assist elderly and disabled people in Edinburgh to live in their own homes in more comfort, security and with greater independence. The services include work which may be carried out either by our in-house teams of volunteers and experts, or by our trade referrals service.

If the work you need cannot be done by our in-house services, we can give you the names of contractors who can help. The tradespeople on our list have been asked to provide references and relevant insurance. They are independent contractors who will carry out the work for you. We do not set charges and the contract is between the contractor and yourself.

Care and Repair Edinburgh Trade Referral

Care and Repair Edinburgh Trade Referral

This firm is included on the list of tradespeople maintained by Care and Repair Edinburgh to carry out work for local consumers where appropriate. They have been asked to provide references and relevant insurance and are believed to be reputable, but any contract is between the business and the consumer.

With effect from December 2015, Care & Repair Edinburgh is asking them to collect feedback from all of their customers so that consumers can see the type of work they normally carry out for all their clients, including work that is not for Care & Repair. This will help ensure that standards are maintained and will help consumers to judge which firm may be best suited to their needs. Please visit for more information.

Care and Repair Scotland

Care and Repair Scotland

Care and Repair services offer personal, financial and technical support to people facing the difficult task of repairing, improving or adapting a home which is no longer suitable to the person's needs. The provision of advice and information is a central part of Care and Repair's role, as well as providing practical assistance with grant applications and co-ordinating repairs. Care and Repair services operate throughout Scotland. Information about your local service is shown on this page.

The information shown above is provided by the firm or the relevant body. Memberships may lapse or require renewal so we recommend that you check that the firm is still a member when you contact them. Please tell Referenceline about any misleading claims.